We Create Custom Programs and Databases to Fit your Exact Business Needs

We develop custom software and database applications to perform functions exactly as you desire.  Software designed to your exact needs can greatly increase your overall business productivity ultimately improving your bottom line, competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

The custom software can be developed to run as windows applications that run on your PCs or desktops on your own internal network, run as websites or web pages, run via secure remote access to enable operation from off-site locations and even made to run on your mobile smart/PDA phones.  We develop in several of the most widely used and most powerful programming environments: Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Web Developer, Microsoft Office/Access, Microsoft SQL Database Server and several other scripting languages.

Due to our many years of diverse experience, we are able to develop applications some might think to be too difficult or impossible.  We are able to accomplish data analysis and data conversion better than most of the competition.  We can interface, integrate or link together incompatible systems using our techniques and much more.  If you have an idea, no matter how difficult or impossible it may seem, even if it is not directly related to computers, give us a call and we can help develop a solution!

Samples of Our Custom Programming and Database Work

Custom web-page application that interfaces with a radio scanner and logs radio calls to an SQL database.  Allows user to review & listen to radio call history

Custom web-page application for a large corporation to enable users to have a central control point for their systems

Custom web-page application that interfaces with a radio scanner to receive APRS (an amateur radio GPS position reporting system) signals into an SQL database and plot them on a map using Google Maps API

A custom web-page application that logs all phone call caller id records of a specific phone line to an SQL database.  Allows the user to browse & search historical incoming phone calls

Custom database application to import sensor readings of a special machine and allow the user to browse, search, display and report on all of the historical data

Custom database application to keep track of overstock items in a large distribution warehouse

Many more samples available upon request